Invited talks


2018: IMIC seminar – Focused on Diamonds


2017: Prague  konference Theranostics, Nanodiamond material. Superior plattformsfor biomedical use?


2016: Benson V., selected talk, Nanoparticle application in bioimaging and drug delivery, 12th International Congress of Cell Biology, Prague, Czech Republic


           Benson V., Nanosensors in cancer therapeutics delivery and monitoring, invited speaker at the 21th World Congress on Advances in Oncology, Athens, Greece


2015: Benson V., Nanodiamond-delivered antisense RNA inhibits progression of colon cancer cells, invited talk at the 2nd Bioanalytical sensors congress, Berlin, Germany



2017: Neuhöferová E., Nanofiber Dressing Consisting of Antisense RNA-functionalized Nanodiamonds for Therapy of Non-healing Wounds in Diabetic Individuals, 9th International Conference on Nanomaterials – Research and Application, Brno, Czech Republic